Eternal Football Derby


The Derby between FC Red Star and FC Partizan also known as the Eternal derby is the biggest and most popular sport event in Belgrade. The two most successful football clubs in the country were founded in 1945. Both clubs have a long history of success and their rivalry started from 1947 when the first match between these two clubs kicked off. These two clubs have many supporters not only in Serbia but also in other former-Yugoslav republics and among Serbian diaspora.
The Belgrade Derby is well known for its intense rivalry and great atmosphere. This local derby in Belgrade is unique because you have so many loyal supporters as this derby always holds importance in the hearts of their fans. Its never just a match, its always so much more, its the pride of the club and hearts of their fans that are at stake.

Next Eternal derby:
FC Partizan and FC Red Star have now met 148 times in the league, and will do so again on Saturday at Red Star Stadium. Red Star are five points clear of third-placed Partizan who have won seven of the last eight Serbian league titles.
Red Star vs Partizan Saturday 12 September, kick off 18h
Ticket prices: North and south 600 dinars, east 1000 dinars and west 1200 dinars

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