Events in Belgrade for September 2017

Upcoming events for September.
Fish fest Belgradesoon / Sep 2016quay near to Nebojsa tower
Filmstreetsoon / Sep 2016Uskocka, Palas / 20:30h
APGRADE WEEKENDsoon / Sep 2016Kalemegdan
Organic live festsoonCultural institutions Palilula
We run Belgradesoon Sep 2016Usce / 12h
Festival of Horror Moviessoon / Sep 2016Fontana Cinema
GREAT BRITISH WEEKENDsoon / Sep 2016Mikser House
Derby Red Star vs PartizansoonSoon
Kosutnjak nightmare challengesoon / Sep 2016Kosutnjak forest / 21h
Bass Passion 2016soon / Sep 2016Dom Omladine / 20h
Lady Fairsoon / Sep 2016Usce Shopping Center
COLOR RUNNING 2015soon / Sep 2016Hyde park / 18:30h
Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growingsoon / Sep 2016 Hotel Crowne Plaza
PACKTECH EXPO BALKANsoon / Sep 2016Belgrade Fair (hall no. 5)
50th BITEF - Belgrade International Theatre Festivalsoon / Sep 2016Various venues
Link2job - job fairsoon / Sep 2016Crowne Plaza
Tango Fiestasoon / Sep 2016Republic Square / 19:30 h
Swiss Music Days 2015soon / Sep 2016Dom Omladine , UK Parobrod
19th Belgrade Rollerblade competitionsoon / Sep 2016Republic Square / 9h
20th Belgrade ultramarathonsoon / Sep 2016Kalemegdan
13th Health Festivalsoon / Sep 2016Dom Omladine / 10 - 20h
14th International Comics Festival soon / Sep 2016SKC
BELGRADE SAXPERIENCE 2016soon / Sep 2016Various venues
Belgrade Toy Trade fairsoon / Sep 2016Belgrade Fair (hall no. 5) CANCELED
Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestrasoon / Sep 2016Kolarac (main hall) / 20h
RESEARCHERS’ NIGHTsoon / Sep 2016Various venues / 16 - 24h
Coffee Fest Belgradesoon / Sep 2016Street next to Usce shopping center
6th Belgrade Flower Festivalsoon / Sep 2016Park Manjez
Belgrade of Lightsoon / Sep 2016Various venues
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FABelgrade23 & 24 Sep 2017Dom Omladine // register